Inspiration in Data

Hard to think that business can be inspired by Data – it should! Who controls the destiny of a business? The customers, the employees, the IT systems or the CEO/CFO/CMO? The gatekeeper of the business is the “Keeper of the Data”. So ask yourself who is the Keeper of the Data in your business that leads to CEOs and Boards making decisions. How do they make decisions, what’s it based on? The so called truth that they have been presented with or the ignorance that they have been served up. Curiosity will unlock the inspiration that hides in your business data. What if I could match my customers spend patterns with the political agendas that drive public sentiment on the day as an example. Who runs to the shelves in the shops for comfort food when the exchange rate tanks? It is time to get in touch with the Data in your business and let it inspire you to better decisions. After all you didn’t start a business to get a haircut unless of course you are a barber. So why not maximise on the potential in the information at your fingertips. The big corporates have been on this journey forever – Business intelligence. The game has shifted though and no longer is Data interrogation only for big business. The cloud and XaaS (Anything as a Service) has unlocked the world of inspiring Data. Its time to find out what pressing business challenges and opportunities can be solved in this way.

Author: Thematicus

I am not a Data Scientist, but I am definitely Curious about what Data can do for business. What answers can data unlock for your business challenges? How can data change your future? What data sources unlock your hidden treasure?

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